Hot Titles (12): Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger: The Red Shoes

Hot Titles (11): Delbert MannLover Come Back

Hot Titles (10): Paul VerhoevenTurks Fruit

Hot Titles (9): Douglas TrumbullSilent Running

Hot Titles (8): Richard FleischerFantastic Voyage

"Well, the only way we can reach that clot is from inside the brain, so we’ve decided put a surgical team and crew into a submarine and reduce it way down in size and inject it into an artery."

Hot Titles (7): Greenaway: A Walk Through H

Hot Titles (6): Makavejev: Innocence Unprotected

Hot Titles (5): Fassbinder: The Third Generation

Hot Titles (4): Godard: Passion

Hot Titles (3): Straub & Huillet: En Rachchant

Hot Titles (2): Rohmer: La Collectionneuse

Hot Titles (1): Cassavetes: Husbands

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