Terraria is the new 2D Minecraft (let’s admit it, a rip-off with a few extra things thrown in). For people who can’t do without fighting things in games, it apparently has a richer vocabulary of weapons and monsters than Minecraft. Personally, I think it loses something being in 2D, but the fun of designing buildings is still there. People love to put their own creativity to use. That was the genius of Minecraft - it was flexible enough that it was limited only by the user’s creativity and the time they had to put into it. Terreria, with a different visual aesthetic, follows the same principle - the Lego principle. Put simply, it’s fun to make something and then stand back and look at it. It’s also fun to see what other people are doing with the same set of tools.

(I don’t know who to give credit to for these handsome buildings. I just picked them from a Terraria photo feed on Imgur).

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